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Volurama in action

Lifecast's Volurama Sends Volumetric Video to LeiaSR™ Displays

NeRFs used in "Dolce Mia" to create VR180 and Spatial Video

"With the idea of creating a dreamy sequence for the lead character, Keeley and Hugh explored the idea of introducing a new and emerging technology called “NeRFs” or “Neural Radiance Fields” to the project. This is the first time that this AI-based image-generating process has been fully integrated into VR 180º.

During post-production, they collaborated with Forrest Briggs from Volurama to incorporate this post-camera movement into the sequence. “To achieve the ideal image for the “dream scene” we used my iPhone to scan some locations of the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas. For the render, we used our Gigabyte Aorus 17X laptop to obtain an 8K 3D 180 output with AI, and it took us three weeks to complete a 40-second clip even with NVidia RTX 4090 GPU. However, the result is worth every second,” explained Hugh."

Source: Explore the Future of VR 180º Storytelling with Dolce Mia and Mistika VR

At 15:22 in this video, we see what look like dolly and boom shots (usually expensive)! Hugh and team made these shots on an indie budget using Volurama by capturing a NeRF in a few seconds with an iPhone, then rendering it into photorealistic 8K VR180 and Spatial Video formats!

YouTube creator spotlight: Wayne Grabowski

Wayne has been using Volurama to create an extensive collection of stereoscopic and VR180 video fly-throughs on YouTube. Check them out!

A virtual camera that can move helps you make (immersive/holographic) movie magic

Capture volumetric panoramas with a phone, render on Windows or Mac

  1. Capture a short video (~10 seconds) of a scene using an iPhone. Move the camera in a square or circle to capture from different points of view.
  2. Process the video with Volurama on Windows or Mac. Volurama creates a 3D model of the scene from your video. Unlike other NeRF systems which process in the cloud, you maintain control of your data by rendering locally.
  3. Render the scene from the point of view of a moving virtual camera to create professional looking effects, or render 3D VR video or holograms for glasses-free 3D displays such as the Looking Glass Portrait.

What can you do with a volumetric panorama and a virtual camera?

State of the art 3D geometric computer vision engine

Download and install Volurama for Windows and Mac

Volurama for Windows

Volurama for Mac OS X

You must install ffmpeg!

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iPhone → NeRF → VR180

This is a 3D VR video created with Volurama and an iPhone.

iPhone → NeRF → Looking Glass Portrait Hologram

Download Example Quilts for Looking Glass Portrait, created with Volurama.


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